Gehrke Grain Services offer a range of high quality grains for sale to the public. These grains are sourced from farms in the local area as well as the Darling Downs, Western Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Whether you’re looking to make horse or livestock feed or to simply feed a few backyard chooks, you can purchase anything from a 20kg bag up to a bulka bag with a tonne or more.

20kg Bag Prices – Prices are inclusive of GST:

Whole Corn = $15.50 per bag
Fine Cracked Corn = $13 per bag (when available)
Wheat = $15.50 per bag
Barley = $15.50 per bag
Oats = $17.50 per bag
Sorghum = $15.50 per bag
Corn Gradings = $12.50 per bag
Sorghum Gradings = $12.50 per bag
Chickpea Gradings = $12.50 per bag
Sweepings = $8 (when available)

Price Per Tonne for Bulk Purchases in Drums, Bins or Bulka Bags (minimum 140kg purchase) – Prices are exclusive of GST:

Whole Corn = $440 per tonne
Wheat = $460 per tonne
Barley = $440 per tonne
Oats = $500 per tonne
Sorghum = $440 per tonne
Corn Gradings = $320 per tonne
Sorghum Gradings = $300 per tonne
Chickpea Gradings = $320 per tonne

Please Note: Gradings & sweepings may not be available at all times. Therefore please phone to check availability before making the trip if you are needing these specific grains.