Gehrke Grains & Transport

Gehrke grains & Transport offer a reliable and courteous service and endeavour to work with all involved in the supply chain. Our site at Hatton Vale is a large grain storage and handling facility able to dry, fumigate, machine dress and containerise bulk grain for export and domestic customers. We also offer a large range of grains for sale to the public from small to bulk quantities.

Our Services

Grain Storage Grain Storage

With a large number of silos in a variety of sizes, Gehrke Grains & Transport are able to handle grain storage needs for both ourselves and a large number of clients both large and small.

Container Packing Container Packing

Gehrke Grains & Transport are extremely experienced and skilled in container packing many soft commodities including grains, pulses and even cottonseed. We have a variety of specialised container packing equipment and staff who pack thousands of containers each year.

Grain Transport Grain Transport

Gehrke Grains & Transport have a fleet of heavy vehicles and tippers setup to specialise in grain transport.

Fumigation Fumigation

Even the best managed farms or storage sites can sometimes fall prey to live grain insects in their grain, especially if the grain has been stored for a long period of time.

Machine Dressing Machine Dressing

Whether you end up with unexpected weed seeds or foreign material in a load that needs graded out or may instead be needing your grain machine dressed to meet specific contract requirements, we can get the job done.

Grain Drying Grain Drying

Every farmer aims to have their grain grown and harvested in ideal conditions.  Unfortunately nature doesn’t always give us what we’re after though.

Grain Sales Grain Sales

Gehrke Grain Services offer a range of high quality grains and liquid feed supplements for sale to the public. These grains are sourced from farms in the local area as well as the Darling Downs, Western Queensland and Northern New South Wales. While our liquid feeds are made on site using special formulas created by […]

Public Weighbridge Public Weighbridge

Gehrke Grain Services operate a fully certified public weighbridge which is open between the hours of 7am to 3pm on Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Full Workshop Services Full Workshop Services

We have a fully equipped workshop staffed by qualified mechanics who are able to ensure both our vehicles and equipment are kept in peak condition.

Gehrke Grain and Transport are a grain handling and transport business situated at Hatton Vale in South East Qld.

We transport bulk grain from farms and depots in Qld and Northern NSW to domestic and export facilities in QLD and NSW.  We also carry general freight anywhere from Nth Qld to Victoria.

Gehrke Grains and Transport has been involved in grain logistics since being established more than 40 years ago and currently employs around 30 staff.  In this time we have built an impeccable reputation on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.